Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TeePee Kid's Play Tent

I had the pleasure of testing an exciting new pattern for Little Lizard King which was unlike any of the patterns I had tested for her! It is for a TeePee Kid's Play Tent! This was a very fun project because my husband got to get involved by helping drill holes in the poles etc, and really, it was a very easy and quick sew! I love the fact that it folds up and you can just throw it in the corner of a room or in the closet, and it is easy for the kids to get out and play with by themselves!

So today we tried out photo shoot and it didn't exactly go as planned, for several reasons... the first reason was because I had intended this shoot just for Evelyn and I sewed her a new dress from Little Lizard King's Brooke Pattern but once the big girls got wind of that, they decided that they wanted to be involved also, since they love the teepee so much. Since I didn't have time to sew them coordinating sets in LLK patterns, Mylie wore an apron dress that I had made her from this LLK pattern, the Apron Knot Dress and Laina just wore a tiered skirt that I had sewed her quite a long time ago. And since we are talking about patterns, Evelyn is also wearing a pair of knit ruffles, like these Ruffle Pants or Capris.

And now on to the shots! The next reason this didn't go well was because we were aiming for the golden hour to shoot in, but since we had to go after one set of dance classes but before another set of dance classes, we ended up just about missing the sun setting... so we didn't catch any yummy light, but the kids still had fun.

They were having a little tea party complete with cupcakes and milk!


  1. The tee pee is adorable, and those knit ruffle pants are to die for!

  2. oh, that is going to have to go on the Christmas sewing list - adorable!

  3. Add me to the list of people loving the knit ruffle pants! And that tent is so cute. Glad you were able to get your hubby involved in the project! ha ha

  4. LOVE these photos! So cute! Looks like GREAT FUN! I love the picture of the three of them in it. :)


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