Friday, January 20, 2012

Pictures... words will follow

I have a whole bunch of pictures bugging me that I need to blog, but everytime I come to blog them, I get overwhelmed (because January does that to me... makes me a big wet noodle that just wants to crawl in to bed and not get out again until Spring!). So I am going to just blog some random pictures and hopefully that will give me the momentum to come back and talk about them. Otherwise this will be a visual blog post, hehe :)

Perfect B&W

IMG_8456 copy

IMG_8429 copy

IMG_8435 copy

IMG_8496 copy

IMG_8506 copy

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Year Has Passed

I have been thinking about my growth (or lack of it) in the photography arena over the past couple of days and I decided that to kick start my progress, I would try reading through my beginner's photography course that I took exactly 1 year ago. While shooting in manual has become like second nature, it is still interesting to read through it and remember WHY you choose certain settings etc. It is mainly creative composition and editing that I am hoping to improve on this year, but I took some pictures today focusing on using the techniques I was taught in my "Rock Your Camera 101" class (now it is called Shooting 101) over at Clickinmoms

Evelyn was my model since the other two girls are in school all day, and it was kinda fun! Here are a few:

IMG_8384 copy

IMG_8389 copy


And one from our walk yesterday...

IMG_3803 copy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 1

So this year I am playing around with doing a Project 52 instead of the Project 365. I hope to still blog in between and get lots of practice with my photography but I haven't gotten a great start to the year. I have lots of things to say and actually a good number of pictures too but somehow can't make myself do a long post. It has been an epically bad week and am just barely putting one foot in front of another. Which is too bad really because if I had to go back and reminisce about the year gone past, I would say that overall, it was a great year for me and my family. But especially for me. I may not have grown as much as I had hoped with my photography, but I exceeded even my expectations in sewing and in some of the other areas that interest me. My mental health was overall very good too and I think that I am in a comfortable spot where I can sit back and start to plan for and enjoy my life and not always be in crisis mode. That being said, I am in crisis mode right now and only the mandatory activities in our life are getting done. It is an ominous way to start off the year, but hopefully it can only go up from here.

The plan is to take a picture of the three of my girls together each week for 52 weeks... so here is week 1.

IMG_3840 copy
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