Monday, January 9, 2012

A Year Has Passed

I have been thinking about my growth (or lack of it) in the photography arena over the past couple of days and I decided that to kick start my progress, I would try reading through my beginner's photography course that I took exactly 1 year ago. While shooting in manual has become like second nature, it is still interesting to read through it and remember WHY you choose certain settings etc. It is mainly creative composition and editing that I am hoping to improve on this year, but I took some pictures today focusing on using the techniques I was taught in my "Rock Your Camera 101" class (now it is called Shooting 101) over at Clickinmoms

Evelyn was my model since the other two girls are in school all day, and it was kinda fun! Here are a few:

IMG_8384 copy

IMG_8389 copy


And one from our walk yesterday...

IMG_3803 copy

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