Saturday, December 17, 2011


I think about blogging a lot and wish that I did it consistently. I love looking back at the pictures and remembering all the little details of our daily life. Just things that you think you will always remember, but slip away without documentation. So here is a little attempt at an update rather than just waiting for a bunch of nice pictures to post.

What have we been up to? Much the same... my days are spent ferrying the kids from activity to activity and my evenings are spent watching TV with Adam or sewing up a storm. I just finished a large order for 15 aprons for a friend to give out as Christmas gifts, and surprisingly, despite sewing so many of the same item, I really enjoyed it, and think that aprons are something I might want to focus on when it comes time to open up an etsy shop with my sewing.

Evelyn is still very much a rule-breaker and mischief-maker... several of her exploits lately have involved food... we had to install a fridge lock on our refrigerator after she repeatedly helped herself to drinks of orange juice and milk by placing a sippy cup on the floor, then dumping the entire contents of the carton on top of the cup. The final straw came when Adam busted her gnawing on a half of a ham in her room after pilfering it from the fridge. She also had a little spell of climbing onto the counter in order to microwave food for herself (let's keep in mind here, she is only 2). When I caught her microwaving a banana in the skin, I asked her, "What the heck are you doing?" To which she replied, "warming it up" as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I guess I should just consider myself lucky that she wasn't microwaving something metal! She has since stopped trying to use the microwave after a very stern talking-to (although who am I kidding? She has probably just stopped for a short time in order to lull me into a sense of safety over the matter)

Mylie picked up a case of Hand Foot and Mouth disease from preschool which sounds much grosser than it is, but s extremely contagious. So she was quarantined from school for a week during which time she passed it to Evelyn and then Laina. So at prime Christmas shopping time, I had all three kids home and wasn't able to get out to shop without them!! Luckily my in-laws stepped into our den of contagion and gave us a break to get out and get some stuff done. Mylie managed to make it back to school in time to star as Mary in her preschool nativity play. Here she is with Joseph:

Laina has graduated to a big girl room... our neighbors offered us their teenage daughter's loft bed that came with a desk underneath which she desperately needed for doing homework uninterrupted. So now Mylie and Evie are sharing the room with the bunk bed, and Laina has her loft bed in the other room. Sounds pretty crazy allowing Evelyn to sleep in the room where I once caught her about to swing from the chandelier off the top bunk, but so far so good!

In crafty news, I punished myself by making and decorating sugar cookies today. Don't know why I continue to torture myself when I suck at it but I love looking at pretty cookies and cakes and keep thinking if I just keep trying I will eventually get better. Oh, and I enjoy eating them too...

I am also testing a new sewing pattern in 3 different sizes, so I should have some new pictures to share of those soon!

And random info: Mittens came in from outside today with half a forest stuck to her undercarriage. Like seriously, I have no idea how she got all this stuck in there, and it was thoroughly entangled! I had to cut some fur out just to get the biggest stick out from under there. How did she even walk to the back door like this? She was very confused and kept trying to chase the large stick in circles.

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  1. I love the way you write - you are so NATURAL. The cat, oh the cat, was just the icing on the cake - I erupted into a fit of giggles! ♥♥ You are amazing! (And the cookies are so GREAT. I would be damn proud if I made something that looked even half that good! You rock!)


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