Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's February!

It's going to be all pretty random here... just dictated by the pictures I have taken lately.

Kids love crafts... I love crafts... but I hate DOING crafts with kids. Especially with multiple kids. I don't know how teachers don't just completely blow their tops at school while doing arts and crafts. It's messy, it's frustrating, and you need about 8 arms in order to keep on top of all the demands for help. But here was a relatively successful craft time with the kids... it was a rock painting kit that they got for Christmas. Soon after this, they abandoned craft time and left me exhausted and with a giant mess.

Another thing my kids like to do? Build "fairy houses" all around the yard. These are usually contructed after foraging through the recycling bin and leave our yard dotted with what appear to be small piles of garbage. Pretty sure all our neighbors think we are bringing down the property value in the neighborhood!

Week 3 sisters project:

Seems like it has been a crazy cold/ flu season for us already and it isn't even over yet!! Last week Laina was sick and she ended up getting a cracked corner of her lips... the crack then got infected with Impetigo which is contagious so she couldn't go to school even though she was feeling better. So I had extra kids hanging around home last week, and then now, all 5 of us have colds. Hoping that is it for us this year! This was when Laina was home from school, but it was of the good side of her face that didn't have the skin infection on it. I like this picture because you can see Laina's brown freckle on her blue eye.

This isn't really a pretty picture, but it is a hopeful one!! Spring is on it's way, the first of my flowering bulbs are up! These are snowdrops just peeping out of the ground.

We went for a fun walk the other day with some friends at nature trail that ends up along the beach. First on the walk we saw a blue heron at the side of a river. I've mentioned before my irrational fear of these big birds here.

Some friend pictures :)

This one was going to be for the weekly sisters project but Evie wouldn't cooperate, so they did it with friends instead.

She is a photographer's daughter... makes me laugh because she sat down on this rock and smiled until I took her picture... and smiled so nicely! My kids would never do that willingly!

A completely un-photoshopped picture of the horizon... I thought the sky looked amazing!

Evie has been doing a little dance class for preschoolers while I do a dance exercise class at the same time. She absolutely loves it and gets so excited when it is time for "mine dancing" (she substitutes the word mine for the word my ALL.THE.TIME.) Here are some from today:

And all the fun of dancing caused her to do this:

I also did a pinterest project today that I have been wanting to try for awhile... tinting mason jars. Here is the link where I found the how to and here is the link where I found how to make my own modge podge. I don't love how they turned out, but I think it was because I used bright food coloring instead of pastel food coloring. But anyways, the kids think they are pretty and I think they will find their way into an upcoming party, so stay tuned for that!

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  1. That's cute about "mine" dancing. Sophia says, "my" for "I" sometimes - like, if I'm videoing her, she'll say, "My see!" lol :) Love the sisters toes photo too! So SWEET! ♥♥


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