Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

It was a long-awaited day at our house... the first day back to school for Laina. For Evie and Mylie, going to school is a dragged out process of slow integration which won't be completed until nearing the end of September. But nonetheless, today was a day for celebration in both Laina's and my eyes. She couldn't wait to see all her friends after the summer break, and I couldn't wait to not have to drag all 3 kids in tow every time I need to run errands.

I wanted to start the year off having my house clean and organized with everything the kids would need for school laid out the night before. Surprise, surprise, that didn't happen. Instead, the house was like a mess tornado due to the unfinished floor tiling that my husband was working on in two of our bathrooms and our laundry room. So not only was my house not clean and well-organized, but we were living without two toilets, one shower/ bath and our clothes washer or dryer. Despite being disorganized, we made it to school EARLY. That will probably be the only time this year.

So here they are, at the start of their school year:

(Mittens the not-so-much-a Kitten decided to make a guest appearance at the last moment here)



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