Friday, July 1, 2011

Half Way and Canada Day

Hey, long time no see! I guess I took the week off of blogging accidentally... I didn't mean to, it just happened! It has been tough with Evelyn's injury because she is extra needy and needs even more careful watching than usual to ensure that she doesn't injure herself further. She is just such a monkey!

So since we last spoke, Laina and Mylie both finished school... grade two and 3 year old preschool respectively. It is exciting to have them off of school and to be able to do fun summer stuff, but I am also nervous about trying to entertain the three duelling sisters all summer long.

Today is Canada Day and the girls humoured me by wearing the matching outfits that I ordered for them from GingySnaps on Etsy. These cute and comfy outfits are stretchy knit cotton and the girls really like them and got lots of compliments on them! Laina was hesitant though.... I guess this is one of the first instances where she is too "old" to want to wear cutesy stuff that matches her sisters. I get it.... it is time to let go a little bit. She did get more into it, it was just the initial hesitation.


  1. I love the pics! So cute. :) The one with E in the forefront is my very favorite.

  2. Great pictures! I love matchy outfits!


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