Monday, September 12, 2011


This post basically encompasses the majority of what we did in August, or at least the things we did that I bothered to take my camera along! I am thinking that now the kids are back in school, I am going to spend some serious time with my camera. I think I have back-tracked in ability over the summer and I need to spend some time re-learning the basics. I also plan on working on my editing instead of just complaining all the time about how much I suck at it.

So! Consider yourself warned, here comes August in a nutshell (except not really a small nutshell... really it is quite a huge one!)

At a birthday party in a Gymnastics Gym:

Looks safe, right???

Some sewing projects:

These will be Halloween pants:

Some halter dresses I sewed for a friend who was giving them as birthday gifts:

A backlit shot of the front end of our Caddy:

My sis, my niece, Evie and Adam at a family get together that my cousin kindly hosted with her (very) warm pool!

Mylie's haircut:

At the beach with Grandma:

Mylie learned to ride her bike without her training wheels!

I caught Evelyn up on the top bunk of the big girl's bed like this (she had been at the headband stash):

Dinner and fun with Nana and Poppy

Nana and Poppy have this fun play "wedding" kit, and Mylie loves being the bride... here she is having the petals thrown at her...

Throwing the bouquet:

Nana and Laina leaping to catch the bouquet:

And this is a fresh fruit bouquet that my mom made herself for her birthday dessert (see where I get it from?). It was delicious!

These were at a vintage train station, museum kind of thing:

At a lake we spent the day at:

Cool shadow:

We went for a hike after our swim in the lake:

One day a crazy and unusual thing happened.... I finished ALL the laundry except the clothes on our backs and had it ALL hung up!! Very unusual indeed. So I photographed the girl's closets.

Evelyn got a little backpack just for herself and this is how she feels about it:

Trying on some of our Matilda Jane You & Me order:

My MIL took this picture of me cradling Laina like a baby (this is one of those things about me that embarrasses her so much!)

The girls with their Great grandparent whom they adore at a family picnic:

And.......................... I am done! Sorry that was so long, and thanks for looking if you stayed with me that long! I am just about all caught up!


  1. I freakin' LOVE that pic of you and Laina (what is it that embarrasses her? - that you cradle her like a baby?) and the last one of Evie, oh my goodness! - so cute. ♥ Thanks for sharing! I loved them ALL.

  2. Great pictures-my favorite is the one of Laina and Evie on the railroad track and all three girls on the hike after their swim-looks like you had a fun summer!


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