Saturday, September 24, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year because as I am sure you all know; I LOVE dressing my kids up! We have so many costumes cluttering up our play room, but I can never resist buying or sewing more.

Evelyn is the only one that I get to choose a costume for this year. Laina has already decided on her own that she wants to be a vampire and Mylie wants to be a witch. It makes me a little bit sad that they won't let me pick cutesy costumes out for them anymore, but at the same time I am glad that they are so excited to help me bring their "vision" of their costumes to life.

I decided that Evelyn was going to be Little Red Riding Hood, and Adam has agreed to be the big bad wolf (I tried to convince Mylie but it was a no go). I used patterns from my favourite pattern-designer, Little Lizard King . as well as a little attempt at designing my own skirt. The hooded cape pattern is here and it is a super versatile pattern because I am just going to modify the hood into a collar for Laina's vampire cape and Mylie's witch shawl. I intend on lining all of them with fleece to make the costumes warmer for our chilly October nights. The pattern could also be used for making a little boys superhero cape! I used this pattern to make the puffed sleeved under shirt, and this one for the reversible corset (I did black on the other side but haven't tried that combo out on Evelyn yet). I made a pretty standard twirl skirt and then made a 3 layer tulle pettiskirt to give it volume. The final product wasn't fluffy enough for my liking, so I layered a hand-tied pettiskirt tutu that I made for Evelyn last Christmas (orignal post is here)

Anyways, pictures! She was very busy, and the light wasn't great (it ended up pouring after about 15 minutes of pictures so we had to leave), but I did get a couple that I liked.

And one from the gag-reel... she was running across this bridge to me when her tutu fell down around her ankles...


  1. Oh my gosh, Julie, this costume is so great! Nice job!


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