Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Country Celebration

My mother-in-law and I took the girls to this fun country fair type thing at our favourite park today (you know the one I mean.... the one where birds eat out of our hands!). We had a fantastic time and better yet, most of it was free.

There was pony rides... (Evelyn was freaked and I had to hold her on, while my MIL deftly handled my DSLR on manual!)

Oh, and I have to mention, Laina's shirt stood out in these pictures like NEON. I don't know why! I had to desaturate the color in her shirt in these pictures and it is still practically glowing! I swear it wasn't that bright in real life!

Bales of hay to play in....

Pioneer chores to be done, such as: pretend cows to milk...

Potatoes to dig out (if I tried to get my kids to do this at home, they would NOT think these things are fun!)

Eggs to collect:


Clothes to scrub!





And let's not forget to iron them!


Water pails to fill:


And with that, they were done their pioneer chores!

But before I go, I must make mention of the girl who brought her bunny on a leash... it was the cutest thing!


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  1. That looks like lots of fun! I wish I'd taken Jazzy. I like Mylie's pants, they are so cute. The picture of Mylie and Laina is really nice.


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