Friday, November 26, 2010


Okay, this is tougher than I thought!  I am always full of things to say and I take tons of pictures usually, but I think the act of putting words and pictures to screen is intimidating me somewhat!

So..... here's my cats!

Introducing Pearl (the white fluffy one) and Badger (the umm, pleasingly plump grey one)! 

Those of you who talk to me on a regular basis will know that my cats like to pee on soft items around my house.  The identity of the mystery pee-er has yet to be determined, but if you leave something soft on the floor at my house... do so at your own risk.  In the past few months, said mystery pee-er has peed on L's new Gap backpack (the rolling type with internal plastic hardware, so couldn't be washed), the bathmat (multiple times), Mylie's Strawberry Shortcake halloween costume (the morning that she needed to wear it to preschool) and most recently a dirty shirt of mine that I carelessly discarded on the floor.  So while I love animals immensely (especially my little fur-babies), if the identity of the mystery pee-er is revealed, I am really not sure what the outcome will be!!  Well actually that is just empty talk, if I do find out who is peeing all over the place, I will probably just hide the identity from Adam so that he won't get rid of the cat!

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