Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to the party circuit!

Today, my oldest friend Lindsay was inducted into the party circuit.... the kid's birthday party circuit that is!  Her adorable son G. had his first birthday party today and so marks the beginning of the countless weekend days she will spend attending children's social functions.  If she is not careful, these parties could become (like they are to me) the only time she will see her "old" friends as the days are just too hectic with work and activities.  And so Lindsay, at the end of the party, don't say "goodbye", just say, "until the next one rolls around...."

And on an unrelated note, it was a sucky day in the picture department, so here is one of Evelyn modelling what we refer to around our house as "the beaver tail".  It refers to the diaper that sags so low, that if you were to watch her walk away, it would appear as though she had a beaver tail flapping along behind her. 

She is also unfortunately placed right beside the break in the flooring where our new kitchen tiles will join up once they arrive this week.  So just pretend you don't see that.

If you were wondering why she isn't wearing pants, you would be asking the same question I put to her older sisters when I noticed it.  Apparently her pants "fell off" when she was jumping on a mattress on the floor.  That is all.

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