Monday, November 29, 2010

What are they wearing Monday

Since we all know I am addicted to children's clothing, I decided that on Mondays (or whatever day I have enough time in the morning to snap a few pictures!) I will feature what my girls are wearing today.

So here it is (and I realized my 50mm lens makes it difficult to take a picture of L. since she is getting so tall!  I would have to stand farther away than I wanted to in order to get her whole outfit in a picture)

L. is wearing a waffle long sleeved t-shirt and zip up fairisle sweater with faux fur hood, both from Gymboree.  Her skinny jeans are Old Navy and her suede fringe boots are from Minnetonka Moccasins.

Mylie is wearing Gap Chelsea from last years fall lines, and blue Chuck Taylor Converse all stars.

Evelyn is wearing Gap In The Woods, one of my all time favorite lines!  Her headband is BeiCapelliStudio

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  1. you know how i ♥ those clothes and hope that someday they will be mine... all mine! bwahhahahaha! lol - hugs girlie!


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