Tuesday, November 30, 2010

News Anchor Hair and lots of pictures!

Now that I am all done cranking out babies, I've decided that I no longer need to keep my hair short (those of you who are moms may understand that co-relation.... tiny babies, sticky, grabby fingers, hair pulling etc)  So I went in to have my regular touchup of foil hi-lites and low-lites.  I told my stylist that I am trying to grow it out and this is what I ended up coming out with
 news anchor hair!! (as photographed by my 7 year old)

I also enjoyed this photo she took of me singing Christmas songs.  She says it is her favorite picture of me EVER!!!!!! (with lots of exclamation marks because she is 7 and therefore extremely enthusiastic!)

I think it looks like I am trying out for a bad porn film, but whatever.

Here are some other highlights from my day:

Laina and her jazz dance class trying on their new costumes (electric blue pleather trenchcoats... I spent the entire time worried that they were going to rip them open and flash us their bodysuits as part of the routine.  Thankfully that didn't transpire.)

Mylie had a preschool party day where they show off what they learned in the month this morning, and here she is wearing Janie and Jack Penguin Winter (I gush about most things as being my favorite line ever, but this is hands down my favorite winter line. for now. until I say otherwise.)

And finally, here is Evelyn's outfit of the day... Gap Deauville with Gymboree Holiday Panda boots.


  1. i ♥ your hair! you're so cute! lol - the girls are darling as always. i just love that deauville shirt. and the tights. sigh!


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