Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Destructo-baby strikes again

Many of you may know about Destructo-baby.  That is our little name for Evelyn.  She is THE most devious and destructive little baby I have ever come across (although both my mother-in law and my grandmother will tell me the same thing of her dad and her grandfather respectively... so she comes by it honestly!)  Another nickname she goes by is Daredevelyn.

So anyways, today at the girl's dance studio, I was listening to Laina read a story for her homework while Mylie had her class.  Evelyn was meandering around the lounge area and I knew where she was, but didn't have my eyes directly on her.  Then CRASH!!! She had pulled down the microwave off of a shelf and was within 2 inches of being hit by it.  Of course it was broken.  So $80 later, the studio has a new microwave and if Evelyn was a cat, she would have used up another of her nine lives.

When we got home, I started making dinner and turned around to see this:

That is Evelyn up on the kitchen table helping herself to a Christmas candy.

Here are a few more:

Got it!

By the way, the outfit of the day is Gap PopShop and the skirted leggings are their Crawlers :)


  1. Evelyn reminds me of Madeline...alwasy climbing and getting into things she shouldn't! So funny! It must be something to do with being the baby of the family...trying to copy the big kids!

  2. At least she didn't break anything on your buffet. I love those crawlers!

  3. I'm officially a follower - can't wait to keep up on you and your gorgeous girls :)

  4. I dread the day that Sophia starts climbing on the chairs... o m g.


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