Monday, December 27, 2010

Valentines Already?? Yep, I am crazy.

I couldn't resist trying out this new pattern that I bought off of etsy today.  It is called a Peek-a-boo skirt and the pattern was made by LittleLizardKing.  Here is the link on etsy, I have made several of her patterns now and they are great for beginners with lots of pictures to guide you.  I am going to attempt a shirt of my own design to go with it, but I will have to get back to you on that, it may be a disaster!

Evie was my model today, and she is sick and fairly non-compliant (not that disobediance is unusual for her.... she is like that even when she is feeling good!) so the pictures aren't well styled.  Also, the settings I used were obviously not right because the lighting looks like crap in the photos.  Now that I am done apologizing for my shortcomings, here are the pics!

I fed her a cake pop in hopes of bribing her into good behavior.

I would have loved this picture if it wasn't so blurry and she should have been wearing a diaper cover.


  1. She is the sweetest thing ever! She sure is going to be a heart-breaker this Valentine's Day. You are so sweet to link to my shop! Can I feature you on my blog? The third photo is my fave!

  2. very cute, julie! and pretty soon i'm gonna be rockin' my own sewing machine which means i'll be rockin' my own pictures with patterns i bought my own self! :oP and i will definitely try little lizard king since you recommended the pattern! :D woohoo! and evie looks adorable. seriously. love the cake pops, too! and the skirt is phenomenally cute!


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