Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keep Me Busy Projects

First off, let me just say that my 3 kids DO keep me extremely busy.  Between driving to and from 2 schools with different drop off and pick up times, dance classes 3 days a week, and figure skating lessons one evening a week plus being the costume coordinator for this years figure skating club's Ice show, I would classify myself as quite busy.  That being said, I am not busy enough to keep myself from online shopping!

So, since I am going on a buying ban, I have some sewing projects stacking up to keep me busy.  Here is a sneak peak of what I have lined up!

First, I need to quickly whip up 4 wristlet dance scarves.  I have no idea what else to call them, but the girls use them in dance class and Laina especially loves them and asked me to make some.  Essentially, the elasticized sequin-y stuff that is laid across the fabric will be made into a bracelet for around their wrist and a large rectangle of chiffon is attached to the bracelet.  Then when they dance, it floats around.  Do you have a mental picture?  If so, I hope it is of the kids dancing with it, not me.  Because let me tell ya, that would not be a pretty sight.  I have recently re-affirmed what I already knew to be true with a dance/ exercise class.... I am extremely gawky and uncoordinated and can't follow simple step instructions. S'true.  Don't let the long legs fool you.  A dancing queen I am not.

Here is the materials I bought for that little project:

Next up, and possibly going on for a while, is some tutus for the dance school.  They asked if I could make 17 of these little cuties for 1 (maybe 2? I am not sure if both of these colors are for the same class or if they are seperate classes) ballet group(s).  Miss T. if you are reading, how does the color blue look?

Then for a dear friend's beautiful little girl Lorelei who has lipodystrophy causing her to have a distended tummy, I am making one of the apron knot dresses like Mylie is wearing here, but in this gorgeous retro cherry print.

And... my big project that involves making 5 of these pettiskirts.  It is entirely necessary that you look at this site.  It is mind bogglingly adorable stuff!  Candy for the eyes.  I purchased one of her tutorials on how to make them as well as the material (since they don't sell the right type of chiffon around here) to make 5 of them, 1 in each of candy pink, caribbean turquoise, sunshine yellow, lime, and deep purple.  There are free patterns for these out there on the internet, but Dreamspuns pettis are sooo sooo cute, that I wanted mine to turn out exactly right.  I have coaxed Addy into doing a photoshoot reminiscent of this once the weather turns nice.  Again, that last link is candy for the eyes, seriously cute stuff!

And finally, my photos of the day.

The first one super sucks.  But it is funny anyways.  I chased the neighbors cat around the yard trying to get a picture of him.  This is why:

I was running and so was he.  So it made for a blurry picture.  I caught his indignity one last time before he hopped the fence to freedom from the crazy lady with the camera:

I am sorry, but cones on the head will never cease to amuse me.

While I was out there, I took pictures of some random crap in the yard that looked sadly out of place in the winter wasteland.

And finally, my little Evelyn, who also looked sad to be outside in the winter wasteland with no jacket on.  Even with kinder egg chocolate in hand, she refused to be bribed into a smile.


  1. i ♥ the pic of the little pink car, so cute! and the cat... omg, the CAT. little evelyn looks so cute and pitiful all mad at you in her rainboots!

    and i'm totally into your projects! you are one busy momma! i made a wreath and i thought i deserved a medal, lol! ;) you rock!

  2. I can just imagine you chasing that cat around trying to snap a picture of it. Can't wait to see how the projects turn out!

  3. i LOVE coneheads! they are so funny and on a cat, even more! because cats seems to pretentious that to have a cone on her head...that must sucks!! Evie...she is not looking happy one bit!


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