Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread Birthday Party

I have been so ridiculously busy the last couple of days that I haven't even managed to blog!  It was Adam's work Christmas party on Friday night, and we had a babysitter for the whole night!  That's right, an uninterrupted night of sleep in a beautiful hotel room for us!

Then Saturday we finished off some last minute Christmas shopping without the girls and finally came home, and started preparing for the big birthday party today!

Mylie doesn't turn 4 until January 3rd, but we celebrated with a gingerbread themed party today.

Here is the candy waiting to be handed out to the kids.  They worked in "sister" teams.  One house for each two sisters.  Each girl got a bag of icing to use to decorate, and each team got a set of candies.  The kids took home the gingerbread man dish, the house, and the gingerbread girl apron.

The stations before the kids got here:

The decorations and goodies:


  1. I was admiring all your lovely pictures, when I came to the picture of the cupcakes and my stomach dropped. Please accept my apology that the toppers never made their way to you. You should have reminded me, girlie! Danny is sad. I am so sorry.

    Aside from that, your decorations are awesome! How did the girls love the aprons? I bet the party was a hit. You always go all-out. My kids would love to be one of yours, lol. :) I bake a cake and do a few *things* and call it a party. You make their parties phenomenal!

    I hope Mylie enjoyed her party. Big hugs! And what did you decide to wear to the Christmas party? Do we get pictures?! xoxo

  2. Thats so great you guys got to stay in a hotel over night, sans kids! That must have been like a mini-vacation! Beautiful pictures too, it looked like a wonderful party :)

  3. It was a really good party! The kids had a lot of fun decorating the gingerbread houses. It was so quiet while they were decorating because they were all so focused!

  4. this is sooooo lovely! looks too good to be real even! it looks like something a little girl could only dream of. your girls have the best mommy!


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