Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow, it's almost time for a new year!  I could easily fill this spot with well-meaning resolutions about what I will do differently in the new year but I will keep those to myself.  I am bound to fail on them anyways! I set too many and have too high of hopes, I need to learn to set myself more achievable goals.

So instead, I will tell you what problem arose tonight.  For the past 6 years or so, Adam and I have let our kids stay up until "midnight" on New Year's Eve.  And by midnight, I mean Eastern time.  But we are in the Pacific time zone.  So we watch the last bit of what used to be the Dick Clark New Year's Eve special (don't even know what they call it now?) and we watch the ball drop at midnight Eastern time, then we go outside and bang pots and pans and yell "Happy New Year".  And the girls would always wonder aloud, "Why isn't anyone else making noise?"  Last year, we had friends over with their kids and so when we went outside with our noise makers, we were so loud, we could see a neighbor across the street peering through their curtains, probably wondering, "What the hell are those fools doing?"

The dilema this year was this.... Laina can tell time now.  So either I had to 'fess up and admit that we had been lying all those years, or genuinely let her stay up until midnight (which I was NOT about to do, I need my alone time!!!), or sneak around changing every clock in the house a little bit each hour until the clocks said midnight at 9pm.  We chose to admit it.  And she was not impressed.  She said, "No wonder no one else was ever making noise when we did!"  But even though the jig was up, we still went outside at 9pm and hollered and blew noisemakers.  We felt no sillier than usual.

So Happy New Year!

(P.S. Adam bought me a Cricut Expression today as a surprise.... so expect to see that featured heavily in the next few days!)
(P.P.S Tomorrow I intend on having a huge closet purge of the kid's clothes.  So expect to see some giveaways on here or on GF!)


  1. giveaways here would be awesome. i don't go on GF - i don't have enough time! today sophia wore a little green apple tee & coordinating apple sweater vest and she looked SO cute. i didn't get any pics tho, but danny was totally gushing!

    that's so funny about Laina, btw - i'm letting my kids stay up til midnight - though Sophia has been asleep since 8:30. i dunno if we'll be banging pots & pans, tho - i dunno if the kids will even make it another 35 minutes! lol

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. and at some point, you should post your goals and resolutions. ;) i bet you're gonna follow through with more than you think you will!

    congrats on the cricut. :))) how exciting. ♥


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