Sunday, December 26, 2010

The First Test

I passed my first big test on the buying ban today!  It was of course Boxing Day in Canada.  For the Americans out there, Boxing Day is our biggest shopping day of the year, similar to Black Friday.  And I managed to not buy any clothes!  It was tough and it was tempting... but I went to Michael's and the fabric store instead to fuel my craftiness and build my stash a bit.

So, as promised some pictures from yesterday of the 4 girls in their Christmas customs, sewn by me.  I couldn't get pictures of all of them together no matter how hard I tried.

And here are some of my adorable little neice who is around 9 months old.


  1. Okay, the outfits are ADORABLE!!

    Too cute.

  2. you did great. they are gorgeous. your niece is super cute. your girls are, too! and i'm proud of you for not buying ANY clothes! go you! ♥

  3. Love the outfits! And your niece is adorable!


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