Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decorating day with sick kids

With my kids just barely over their last round of colds, imagine my surprise to find two out of my three kids newly sick this morning!  One with a sore throat and fever and the other with diarrhea and pink eye!  Just great!  They were still eager to get the Christmas tree up as planned so we went ahead and picked up a beautiful Noble Fir to put up in our living room.  The decorations went on while Destructo-baby was napping, so that went relatively smoothly.

After the tree decorating, things went downhill with the girls feeling bad, so there was some t.v.-watching and computer-playing while I decorated my wreath.

It is a live wreath, and the girls picked this wall-hanging as the inspiration:

I let them pick the adornments from Michaels (within reason of course... I had to say "no" to some, erm, "interesting" choices of theirs).

And here is what I came up with:



Adam says it is "girly" and he will be embarrassed if guys come over, but what can I say?  This house is inhabited by 4 girls, 2 girl cats and 1 man.  Of course it is girly!!  We outnumber him!


  1. Is a wreath ever manly? Everything looks great!

  2. I love it. You rule! Mine would look like a 2-year old made it. I have no talent. You are pure awesomeness!


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