Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sugar Cookies

I have come to several realizations today.  The first of which is that it is never a good idea to count on the amount of time a baby USUALLY sleeps when planning a craft.  Since Evelyn usually has a solid two and a half to three hours nap in the afternoon, I thought it would be an excellent time to ice the sugar cookies I made yesterday for Mylie's party (don't worry, I will be freezing them until the party).  So I laid her down, made a huge batch of royal icing in several colors and consistencies and got set up with all the bits and pieces that I would need to decorate the cookies.  I have never really "iced and decorated" cookies before other than the paint on icing that we usually use or a shake of sprinkles here or there, but I have been getting ideas and inspirations from this blog called Glorious Treats.

Which brings me to my next realization for the day.  I really don't enjoy decorating cookies.  I love baking, I love decorating cupcakes and I sure love eating both, but decorating cookies.... not so much.  Maybe it had something to do with my 3 (almost 4) year old constantly trying to "help".  Even after I set her up with her own cookie and icing to decorate, she still managed to grab one of my bottles of the thin consistency icing and squeeze it all over her dress.  She also managed to spill the shaker of sanding sugar all over the table and floor, not once, but twice!

And can you guess what happened as soon as I had finished doing one cookie?  Yep, Evelyn (aka Destructo-baby) woke up and terrorized the cookies and I until Adam got home from work.  The path of destruction she left was wide, and I still haven't finished cleaning it up.

But here they are, the finished product.  These are for Mylie's Gingerbread house decorating party on Sunday.  I normally wouldn't choose brown as a decorating color but it goes with the theme.


  1. you did awesome! they look great. really.
    laughing about evelyn and mylie! do we get to see pics of the cookies that mylie decorated?! btw, i swear you're the next martha stewart. :oP


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