Thursday, December 30, 2010


I don't have anything cohesive or interesting to say today, so this post and pictures will be totally random!
I don't think I am even going to bother with sentences today!

*first random... I found a group of ladies online today who I can learn photography stuff from and I am stoked!  I have so much to learn, but hey, what does a SAHM have if not time? (snort! That is what Adam thinks anyways)

*second random, on that group of ladies, I happened to find a gal who lives within a half hour drive from me, who ALSO has emetophobia!  I may actually get to meet someone in real life who "gets" what I go through!

*third random, I made the yummiest cinnamon buns today at the recommendation of Tamara in her blog here.  She was right, they are soooo good!  And when I was taking a picture of the cinnamon bun, suddenly a tiny little hand appeared in front of my lens as Evelyn made a grab for the gooey, delicious bun.

*final random, I am sewing a skirt right now that I should finish tonight with adorable Japanese fabric.  It has deers and mushrooms and flowers and butterflies.... what more could I want?


  1. Okay, and I just want to say, that cinnamon bun looks like I Photoshopped it into the picture, lmao, it looks fake from the flash!

  2. It looks damn delicious to me! I wish I could eat one!

  3. love the fabric! happy to hear you have someone close to you that can relate to you so well. ♥♥ that makes me HAPPY!


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