Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Lists

This will be short since I have "The Christmas Cold".  Every year, I seem to get sick just in time for Christmas day, and this year is no different.  I am feeling crappy and just want to crawl into bed after finishing up my present wrapping and putting together the kids big surprise.  So I will treat you to the kid's Christmas lists.

I found these when I got home on the weekend after my in-laws babysat the kid's overnight.  My MIL wrote what Mylie dictated and Laina wrote out hers.  Several of the entries were.... amusing.

Here is Laina's (and I am aware that her spelling is atrocious for a 2nd grader, but please keep in mind that she is taught entirely in French.  They don't learn English as a subject until grade 4.  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

I can decipher any that you are interested in, just comment which number.  But check out number 10.  Yes.  She DID request Cheese Nips from Santa.  And Santa will oblige.

This is Mylie's.

Number 6 is my favorite.  I mean, who am I to deny her?  Although I suppose I should be concerned about what kind of impact my shopping is having on her psyche?  Because how many 3 year olds request clothes by brand name?


  1. That is priceless! Cheese Nips? What about the cage or the lock with buttons? Mylie wants a new bobby?

  2. Lisa, the cage is for the banie or rabit (aka. the bunny she asked for on number 5) The lock with buttons??? I really have no idea, I forgot to ask her what that was about! Maybe some mechanism to keep her little sisters out?

  3. Maybe its one of those door locks people have on their front doors where you have to punch in a code?


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