Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great Balls of Cake

Since I only had about a million better things to do this evening, I decided to make cake balls.  Well, cake pops I guess since they are on sticks.  I love these things, and hate them at the same time.  They are absolutely sinfully delicious.  On the screen they sound pretty easy to make too.  And they are, but they can be frustrating at the same time.

Bakerella is the great mind behind these, and if you have never been to her website before, there is how-tos and lots of adorable ideas and variations of cake balls/ pops.  You can check her out here.  Basically, these little goodies are made up of a cooked cake mix, which is crumbled into a bowl and mixed with a tin of icing, then candy-coated.  Mmmmm, candy-coated cake and icing... what could be better?

So I aimed for festive cake balls (and everytime I make these, my husband can't resist making suggestive comments about candy-coated balls... ugg... men!) and they turned out, well, kind-of ugly actually.  But for what it is worth, here they are, and just know that they are delicious!


  1. they look yummy! - not ugly. silly goose. i love the little polka dot cup thing they're in. :) where did you get it?! you are so cute and creative. :D

    i need to take more pictures! you always remind me of this, indirectly. :)))

    anyway, your balls look delicious! yum!

  2. i think they look beautiful! and delicious! please send me cake balls....oooo...and inject them with some alcohol!! THAT would be awesome!


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