Saturday, December 4, 2010

Parade and Dare-dEvelyn

This post was just going to be about the Christmas parade that my two oldest girls were in this evening, but then.....

In Breaking News:

As I was typing this post, I looked up to see this:

Unbelievable, but true.  The little daredevil has TOPPED her most dangerous stunt with this gem.  She literally climbed the ladder on one of our ladderback chairs and was attempting to get something off of the top of the armoire.  Now, before you think "why the heck did she take time to take this picture instead of rescuing that baby??" please rest assured that as soon as I saw what she was doing, I got Adam to stand beside the armoire so she was safe while I snapped this picture.  Because really, who would believe me if I said that my not-quite 15 months old baby had attempted this frightening feat?  Also, please understand that the reason the chair was there in the first place, was because of her previous stunts involving the kitchen table.  We had to remove the chairs from around the kitchen table in order to stop her from getting up there.

And now back to the planned programming.  The parade.  The big girls rode on the float for their dance school pulled behind a Hummer while 50 of the older girls from the studio danced behind them.  They were supposed to be dressed up as little elves and to be honest, when their float passed us by, they looked fairly unimpressed with the whole event although they claimed afterwards that it was fun.

Here they are wearing my candy cane cuteness tutus and legwarmers before the parade:

Laina's tooth is almost falling out, so here she is wiggling it with her tongue:

And the float!  Don't they look impressed?


  1. Laughing! They most certainly look impressed. That's so, so funny! :) And funny, because I'm currently downloading pictures from our Christmas parade the other night. :) I might even blog about it - lol! And O M G on Evelyn, I can't believe her! That's crazy. She's so little - and so fearless! LOL

  2. Mylie looks especially thrilled! Evelyn has outdone herself this time.


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