Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Steps Behind and Something Cute

Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I try, I am always two steps behind!  The day started by rushing to get all three kids ready to get out the door and into the car.  As usual, I got Laina to school somewhere in the 5 minutes between the bell ringing to lineup for class and the bell ringing for school to start.  It is always a race to get her in the classroom before the door closes.  The day went on in the same vein, with me rushing to get Mylie into her dance clothes for the first class of the day (she has 2 on Wednesdays) and then being 5 minutes late to class.  After a quick trip to the mall, I was just settling down to some sewing with Evelyn napping in her crib and Mylie parked in front of Yo Gabba Gabba when I get a call from the school.  Seems it was an early dismissal day for parent-teacher interviews and I was the crappy parent who forgot and whose child was sitting in the office 20 minutes after all of the other kids had gone home with their responsible parents!  That wasn't the last of my rushing around but I won't bore you with the rest of the details.  It is sufficient to say that I will be glad when the Christmas break begins and I can get myself rested and re-organized!

And as promised in my last post, I got my sewing machine going again (who knew that they needed to be oiled once a year in order to work properly??) and finished up my latest project.  I've almost never made anything for an adult before so this is one of the rare times when I will be forced to model my project!  That being said, this is a Retro Chic Apron pattern that I purchased from etsy, and I *think* since trying it on, that it was intended for someone with a beautiful, curvy body, not someone like me who is built like a 10 year old.  And not just any 10 year old... a 10 year old BOY!  So I think I will be gifting this as a Christmas present.

Let me know what you think!  I love to get comments on my posts!


  1. julie, seriously - it suits you... and suits you well. you are probably, no kidding, the cutest person alive! (next to my kids) you are just the cutest, and you're so dang talented, too! go you! - and funny about the laina thing - was she upset about it? it happens to the best of us, promise! (and don't let anyone ever let you believe differently... no matter how much snickering they do!)

  2. Are you kidding? The apron looks good! I know how you feel about always feeling behind and I only have one kiddo. As for forgetting about the early dismissal, it happens to the best of them!

  3. First off, this is my first comment on your blog...wahoo!
    And that apron is TOO CUTE! It's awesome!! And I think it looks good on you. I loooove the style.

    And..ZUT ALORS about late pick up. HA!

  4. Very cute apron! What a good idea! Thats funny about always being behind....I have the opposite problem, everything is 2 minutes away so while we are waiting for Ben I have to worry about temper tantrums from the two two year olds who hate waiting!


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