Monday, December 13, 2010

Laina's Christmas Concert

This will be brief, since I have way too many things that haven't been crossed off on my to-do list today!  Laina's Christmas concert was today and it was filled with lots of sweet childish voices singing en français and in english (she attends a school that is two-thirds french immersion, and one-third english speaking; Laina goes to school entirely in french.)  She still isn't feeling well and is now on anti-biotics for a double ear-infection and you can tell she looks sick in these pictures.

She is wearing a Santa hat and Gymboree Alpine Sweetie dress and tights, and she accessorized (without my knowledge) with some plastic green beads.

And here she is with her BFF (their words, not mine) who is wearing a pair of legwarmers that her mom made using my how-to found here.

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  1. so cute! is she feeling any better today? she looks lovely despite not feeling well.

    yesterday was my first day of not coming up with a blog post - i actually had a date with my sweetie, FINALLY, so i skipped out. back to the grind tonight, lol. :)


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