Monday, December 6, 2010

What Are They Wearing Monday and More!

It was a sick day again for Laina, so rather than "what is she wearing", I'll post "what did she do all day".

That was pretty much it for her, it breaks my heart to see her this sick!  Also it tests my patience so have her so whiny and needy, so I am hoping tomorrow she will be feeling better.  On a good day, Laina is a drama queen, but when she is sick.... watch out.

Evelyn wore several outfits today thanks to some diaper blowouts.  She started out wearing Gymboree Panda Blossom, fresh out of the online packaging.  Not only was the hat too small, but the corduroy jumper was too!  But here she is stuffed into her too-small outfit this morning.  And she wouldn't cooperate with posing, so Daddy had to help out.

Later in the day, after diaper blowout number two (there was an outfit in there I didn't get a chance to record), she wore Gap Lodge.

Mylie was rocking some Gymboree Penguin Chalet.  I couldn't get a decent picture of her from the front in the hat, but it was super cute on.

Now, completely unrelated but the girls and I made and decorated some Sugar Cookies today using this for painted on icing.  They are yummy and cute! Adam has eaten 4 just since he got home from work!

And finally, last night before bed, Adam and I noticed that we had some visitors at our back sliding glass door.

There were 3 of them on the step at the same time and they were not the least bit scared of us looking at them!

Sorry for the gross streak on the window above, who knows what that could be with 3 kids!

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the new design, I had Jen from jngcreativedesign make it pretty!  She had previously designed my ebay template and store back when I was Queen Bee's Gymboree.  So thank you Jen!

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  1. I'm so sorry that Laina was not feeling well again today. :( Evie looks cute no matter what she's wearing. And I bet Mylie's hat was SO cute from the front! I love that brown & pink bag hanging in the Gap Lodge pic, by the way. Did you make that? Love the cookies - yum! I love the bottom right bell with the red & white swirl! And oooh, raccoons! Those things can be meeean! Be careful, lol.


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