Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You may have noticed that just last night, I added a couple of tabs at the top of my blog, one of which is a little section about who I am.  In it, I talked about my emetophobia and anxiety and how I don't want to let them rule my life anymore.  And now, less than a day later, I am sequestered in my room with my house smelling like a pool.  Let me explain....

Mylie and Evelyn were both quite sick today with fevers coming on this afternoon in addition to the coughs and runny noses that they already had since Christmas Day.  Towards the evening, Laina complained of being very tired and also alternating between feeling hot and cold but without actually having a temperature.  I was okay with all of that because I thought she must be just getting what the other two have.  While it sucks to see them sick, I can handle them having colds and true flus (as opposed to a stomach virus).  But then after dinner Laina seemed to be feeling worse and worse, and soon admitted that she had a migraine and a stomachache.  I don't use the word migraine lightly.  She has suffered from pediatric migraines which can last for days and include light sensitivity and vomiting since she was 5, and has frequent headaches as well.  She has been hospitalized for treatment due to the migraines in the past and so we take it seriously when she tells us she has a migraine.

So she went to bed feeling quite sick.  I have no idea what tonight will bring and I am scared out of my mind.  When there is a threat of sickness (vomiting) in my house, I clean obsessively and with nothing less than bleach.  I clean every surface I can think of that the possible sickie could have touched.  So now that I have cleaned until my house smells like a chlorine-treated pool, I am holed up in my room, hoping that she won't get sick, and that her migraine won't last until morning... hoping that she won't end up in the hospital... just wishing she never had to feel this much pain, and wishing that I wasn't scared.  Wishing that I wasn't letting my anxiety rule my life.  I guess all I can say is that tomorrow is another day and a chance to do better than I did today.

Although I wouldn't say these pictures accurately capture the tone of the day, I took them this morning when we went to visit Adam's grandparents and before the kids started feeling really crappy.  Mylie isn't wearing pants in the pictures because well, I guess that should have been my first clue that she was feverish... she was too hot, so she took off her dress and insisted that what she was wearing underneath were leggings even though they were really footless tights.

Evie in Janie and Jack Penguin Winter and her new pink Chuck Taylor Converse that she got for Christmas (oh and her skirt was twisted backwards here!):

Laina in a Mini Boden top, Target jeans, and Ugg boots (and in case I haven't explained on here before, she is growing her bangs out, so expect her to look shaggy for months to come!):

Mylie in Janie and Jack Penguin Winter footless tights (and she WAS wearing the dress too, lol!) and a TCP top, Ugg boots.

And on the drive home, this is what happened with my sickies:

Poor little thing can't keep her soother in her mouth because her nose is so plugged up!

Wish me luck with the night!


  1. Good luck!

    I hope everyone feels better.

  2. Thank you! So far, so good... not a peep to be heard from the sickies.

  3. Hope everything is still going well. My fingers are crossed the sickies will be on the mend soon.


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