Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Contrary to what I thought was going to happen, Laina and Mylie slept through the night and only started agitating to open presents at 6am!  We had my parents, my sister, brother-in law and neice over to open presents and have breakfast, so we held the kids off (mostly) until about 7:15 and then they all let 'er rip!   Everyone seemed thrilled with their gifts and we had a great morning.  As the day went on though, it became apparent that all three of my kids are sick with colds and/ or pink eye.  Yuck, we just can't seem to shake these germs!

One of the surprises I had been working on for a couple of weeks was to "re-do" the playroom.  It really wasn't finished with all of the details I wanted (ie. I will be adding a small stage that will be curtained off and can double as a dressing room for when they play dress-up, also an area rug as well as a few shelves that still need to be hung) but Christmas was here, so I had to unveil it for them!

Here was the playroom before (and this was on a good day!!)

And when I showed it to them this morning:

Gone was the ugly floral green loveseat; I replaced it with Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chairs personalized with their names.

This is the corner that the stage will go in... the Rose Petal Cottage will go on top of the new playroom TV cabinet (which was our old Living Room one) once the Christmas decorations come off of it.  The wall are now Lovely Lavendar instead of yellow.

A new shelving unit and bins from Ikea are labeled and used to store all the toys in.  I need to get more bins, there was more spaces than I thought!  There is also a new pink 3 drawer dresser beside this unit that I couldn't fit in the picture.  It will be used to store the dressup clothes in.

You can see one of the shelves over on it's side here that needs to be hung up still.  It will hold their Carebear collection.

And that is it for today! Tomorrow I will share some photos of the girls and my neice from today... they were wearing matching outfits that I sewed for all 4 of them... very cute!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas! We've got the funk here too (well Jackson does, anyway). The playroom looks great. I bet they love their chairs! ♥♥


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