Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread Aprons

We found out a few days ago that Adam will be having his hernia surgery on January 7th which was the day before we had planned to hold Mylie's 4th birthday party.  For various reasons, we couldn't hold the party the week before the 7th, and the week before that is Christmas!  So we decided to have her birthday party a mere week away from now.  GULP!

So today, I had the gorgeous invitations designed by Danny (whose website has slipped my mind for the moment but I will add it in later or you can comment and I will get you a link.  If you need awesome digital photo invites that you can just print off at your local photo shop he is your man!) printed out and I will be hand delivering those tomorrow. 

I was inspired by this blog to hold a gingerbread decorating party.  Should be easy enough to do considering the house is already decorated for Christmas!  Each child will have a station with a gingerbread house (already put together and solidified, because we all know kids just can't wait for it to dry!) and all the icing and candy they need to make it beautiful!  I will be sewing each little girly their own gingerbread girl apron to wear while decorating as well as sending them home with the finished gingerbread house.   I have quite a few more ideas up my sleeve but will save them for later!

Here is Mylie, modelling the first apron I made yesterday.  I bought the pattern from my favorite place of course, etsy.


  1. oh julie you are so awesome! the apron is adorable, and mylie looks SO SO SO cute modeling it. ♥♥ and i will get you danny's website info soon - they're doing an overhaul at the moment. his business is also printing. so if you ever need a whole lot of invitations but don't have a whole lot of time, let me know! :) (btw, if it weren't so close to christmas i would totally be hitting you up for an apron for zaida -- maybe next year!) i can't wait to see the pics of the party. ♥♥

  2. Could Mylie seriously be any cuter? The apron is really cute too!!


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