Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pj Day

It was a good day today. All of us stayed in our pajamas the ENTIRE day, and I didn't even step foot out of my house once!  Part of the reason it was such a good day was because after my scare last night with Laina, she woke up this morning sick, but thankfully not with a migraine, and not with a stomach virus.  Just the nasty little cold her sisters both have.  The big girls were both in good spirits and played surprising well together too which is always a bonus.

Evie was a different story... she was a clingy, gooey, drool-y, snotty mess all day long.  At least until her beloved Daddy got home from work, and then she cheered up.

I really don't have much to say today!  Nor did I take many pictures, but since I promised myself to post every day with pictures.... here is one of Evie in a rare smiling moment today.  And in the background, you can see The.World's.Ugliest.Fireplace.  It won't show up in many of my pictures because I avoid that thing like the plague.  It looks... medieval or something.  It's ugliness is second in the house only to the orange countertop.


  1. Hi Julie. I'm glad to hear Laina was just sick and not SICK. Hope your day is better tomorrow.


  2. Whew, at least it was just a cold! I stayed in my sweatpants all day too.

  3. I love pj days! We had one yesterday and just might have another one today! Hope your girls feel better soon :)


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