Sunday, December 12, 2010

Messy kids

That is pretty much all I have pictures of today!  Messy kids.  We had one of those busy and productive days where we mostly hung around the house in our pajamas with unbrushed hair.  Glamorous we were not!

The kids flipped over the Rose Petal Cottage on it's side and all sat inside it to watch Christmas movies on television.  Then Destructo-baby crashed the party by attempting a superman-dive over the side and broke the frame.

See what I mean about the unbrushed hair and pjs?  Oh and the sagging frame?

Evelyn was the only one dressed at this point, she is sporting Gap Chelsea top and bottom.

And her she is, leaning in for a smooch, all puckered up and ready to go!

I have noticed my photos are mostly of Evelyn, which is a reverse of the usual "no-photos-of-second-or-third-child rut people get into.  I think it is mostly because she follows me around all day whereas the two older girl flee when they see me with the camera.

At suppertime, I had no sooner mentioned to Adam that Evelyn was making good use of her fork (for once...) then she pulled this stunt.  Pasta was on the menu, so this got messy.

Look ma, no hands!

And thus begins the busiest week of the year, with kid`s Christmas activites and parties and party planning!  Sigh, I wish the weekend had a few more hours in it!

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  1. I looove the photo of Evelyn puckered up for a kiss. We get the wide-open mouth kisses from Sophia still. :) And I definitely get more pics of Sophia than any of the other kids - mostly because they're gone all day and she's with me every moment! Wait til they're teenagers. People are gonna start asking you if they moved out, lol! ;) (Jake is rarely in any of our pictures because he's always off doing something or not super interested in getting his photo taken.)


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