Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natural lighting, oh how I love thee

While reading my friend Christine's blog yesterday, I was suddenly struck by why I have been so disappointed in most of my pictures lately.... because since the weather has turned cold, all of my pictures have pretty much been inside.  And I just haven't figured out how to make indoor lighting and my camera play nice yet.  So I decided to take it outside today!

While waiting to pick Mylie up from preschool, I snapped a couple of Evelyn (and yes, other parents were looking at me like I was weird).

Love her eyes in this one while she was still strapped in her seat:

Evelyn is sporting quite a mish mash of brands today (which can be seen as a big no-no on some forums I frequent!).  Gap Deauville hat and coat, with Old Navy jeans and Gymboree Tres Chic shoes.

When it was time to pick up Laina from school (have I even mentioned that all I do all day is drive kids to and from activities and school?) I snapped a few of Mylie who stubbornly refused to wear the hat I wanted her to in favour of a pink Gap corduroy newsboy.

Mylie is wearing Gap Leopard/ Deauville corduroy trench with Gap Himilaya top and jeans, with Joe Fuggs.

Here is Evie again, this time with a different soother (fyi in case I refer to it as such, soothers are know around here as "ooshies").  Working the runway.

And a sweet one of the sisterly reunion once Laina got out of class.

If I can get my sewing machine to stop being temperamental while I finish, I will have something cute to show you tomorrow night!


  1. Love the pics! And love Mylie's poses. Your girls are so so pretty! - but... you knew that already. ;)

  2. Cute pictures. I love that gray jacket!

  3. Great Pictures! I have been bugging Dustin for a new camera for a long time...I will have to show him your pictures as a reason why we need a new one! Soothers at our house are known as soo soo's...I love how every family has a different name for them!


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