Saturday, January 1, 2011

Little Chick and Chickadee

We decided today that we should start a New Year's Day tradition of going on a nice family walk at a nature park near our home.  After bundling up the kids against the minus degree weather, we set out on our walk.  It started out innocently enough with Laina feeding chickadees some bird seed out of her hand, and Mylie spotting ducks walking across ice and diving into frigid waters.  But soon, all three girls had descended into whining, snotty and cranky little beasts begging to be carried so we turned back halfway around the trail.  I am thinking maybe this won't be a New Year's tradition after all.  I'm not that sadistic.  But I did get a few cute pictures before we left.

This is my gloved hand with the chickadee in it.

On another note, I finished the skirt/ top combo with the japanese fabric I showed off here.  This was the first time I have attempted machine applique EVER on the shirt.  It was fun and I will definitely try it again!
Laina was my model today and she definitely has her ideas about how models stand and pose.

I was worried this one was going to turn into a strip tease.

Just as I was typing this Evelyn decided to eat (and choke a bit) on a whole coffee bean.  This doesn't bode well for tonight's sleep!


  1. so cute! i love tuxedo tanks like that... seriously! - that's one you could easily sell on etsy! give it a whirl, my dear. you are so inspiring me - i just need to get my sewing machine first. :( and also, do you know how much i love birds?! seriously, your pics made me SQUEAL. i can't believe they were just in your hand like that! super envious!

  2. Well, I guess the kids are paying you back for all the times we went on nature walks as kids and whined the whole time! I love the chickadee pictures, especially the one in the palm of your hand. You can even see the tiny sunflower seed in its beak! Laina's poses crack me up and the dress is very pretty!

  3. love the pictures! new blog follower from gymbofriends - would love for you to follow me, too!

  4. Awesome photos.

    I love that last outfit!

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