Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fashion Show Fun (or not)

Today was a much better day.  Everyone here was feeling quite a bit better and I actually got dressed!  I also got a very generous and adorable big bag of clothes for Evelyn from Miss T.!  There were some brands in there that you may not be familiar with but that I love so I thought we would do a little fashion show!

It was actually a bit of a disaster for many reasons, but here they are anyways.  I decided to try adjusting the settings on my camera and placing Evelyn in front of our sliding glass door in an attempt to not use my flash.  The results were not good, but it was a learning experience.  I tried to set up a backdrop so you wouldn't have to see random crap in the background, but that backfired also because Evelyn thought it was too much fun to duck behind the backdrop whenever I was ready with my camera!  The big girls also decided it was a good idea to make a fort behind it so it looks messed up most of the time.  Oh, and Evelyn's hair is beyond messy.  But anyways...

I am not sure where this dress is from but it is tooooo cute!  She looks like a little flamenco dancer!

This dress is from Tea, and if you haven't tried Tea before, you should!!

A made-in-Canada company! Peekaboo Beans is awesome quality, really thick, stretchy yoga and active clothing for kids.  The cuteness factor is extremely high on these.  I have owned clothes by this company before and they just wash and wear so well.  The maxi skirt is from Peekaboo Beans and the top is from Gap Treehouse.  She really didn't cooperate with this outfit.

And another from Peekaboo Beans, these yoga capris are to-die-for cute!

M'kay, that's it for us today!


  1. FWIW, indoor pictures are always hard unless you have absolutely wonderful lighting. I am an outdoor photographer, myself. :) The outfits are SUPER cute on your baby girl - my favorite is the first! I love her little hair do-dads, too. Did you make them today on the fly to match her outfits? I can't wait til Sophia has that much hair! Until then, I'll just kinda watch it stand on end...

  2. Christine, I much prefer the outdoor photography as well but unfortunately it rains most of the time here, lol. And as for the hair flowers, no, I bought them on etsy, ummm, I may have ordered 30 of them from one seller, and basically I have 1 to go with any situation you can imagine, lol! They are so friggin' adorable!

  3. I like those yoga capris, they are cute!


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