Friday, January 28, 2011

Girl Mommas! You need to try this!

Tomorrow is our Valentine's Day photo shoot with the lovely Addy and I had decided that I would sew or create everything for the girls to wear for the shoot. So far, I have sewn the Peekaboo skirt for Evelyn (pattern by Little Lizard King), the Knotty Apron Dress for Mylie (pattern from the book "Little Girls, Big Style") and the Apron Skirt for Laina (which I will share below and pattern is also from "Little Girls, Big Style" but I made some mistakes, oops! So the pattern was altered a bit to fix my "should've measured twice and cut once" mistake!)

But, since I am a procrastinator, I left the making of the hair accessories until the last moment. I decided on rolled fabric flowers which are hot these days on etsy, but I didn't know how to make them and I didn't have time to order any! I search online for a tutorial and found this awesome one at Prudent Baby. It is so easy and quick, and I think it could be a fun craft to do with older kids. I am pretty sure Laina could handle it minus the hot glue that I substitued for fabric glue. You don't even have the cut the fabric strips, you just make a snip at the top of the fabric, and then tear it all the way down (in case you didn't know that, fabric will tear straight along the grain!). Anyhow, enough babbling and linking, here are the pictures (which now that I am taking my photography course bother me because they are out of focus, so just ignore that please).

And the skirt (sorry for the daggy presentation, Laina is already in bed so I don't have a model!)

In case you wanted an update in the Badger saga, she is still at the Vet's and we still don't know what is wrong... we know a bunch more things that AREN'T wrong, but still don't have a diagnosis. She was in terrible shape today when we went to visit her. She is on an IV drip and she barely even lifted her head to chat with us :( But on a more positive note, the lovely vet called us tonight and said she had gotten authorization to perform a whole bunch more expensive tests... for free! They really want to find out what is ailing her, there are some symptoms that they have never seen at that clinic before and are eager to help us, and to learn at the same time. So hopefully, we may know more soon.


  1. Big hugs for your kitty cat! Keep us posted. ♥ And I love the hair thingies - that looks like something I could do but I'd need a step-by-step tutorial because that's how I roll, LOL. Very cute, though! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Love the hair clips, I can't wait untill my girls are older for girlie crafts.....Ben loves to make stuff so we do boy crafts like making wooden cars. Keep us posted on Badger, how wonderful the vet is doing free test.


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