Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Home Day

Well, we spent the day at home today with my husband resting up from his surgery. He is super sore and everytime he moves he feels immense pain. The prescription painkillers made him feel nauseous (which is never good with an emet wife!) and he didn't want to take them anymore after the first time.

I just concentrated on keeping the kids out of his hair, and managed to get my sewing/ crafting room better organized (which was desperately needed!) and that was about it! Late this afternoon I took the girls for a walk up to the cute little village that is 5 minutes away from where we live. We hit up Starbucks for a coffee for Adam and got him some magazines to keep him entertained. Some photos from the walk, notice that Laina always has to put her hat on sideways... she thinks it looks "cooler" that way. Also, her long giraffe like legs must be on the grow again because now size 7 pants look like she is waiting for a flood!

Oh, and we couldn't leave home without her DSi... she wanted to take pictures of the neighborhood like mommy!

Evelyn is giving two thumbs up here... not because she wanted to though.... because I shoved a pair of her big sister's gloves on here to keep her little hands warm!  Also, this is one of my many strollers (seriously, I have had more strollers than I can count).  This is a Fisher Price Sit and Stand, and it is by far superior in sturdiness to the other brands of sit and stands I have come across.  They don't make these anymore, so I had to hunt this one down off of Craigslist!

Tell me what y'all think of the bigger photos?  Do you like them better or does it just take longer to load etc?


  1. I like the bigger photos. I didn't notice them taking any longer to load. The last picture is funny with Evy and the mittens and I like the way Mylie is hugging Bobby.

  2. I think the bigger photos are fine. Thanks for the info on the sit & stand, though I dunno if we'd need one or if my kids would actually use it.. lol. I'm sorry Adam is in such pain, and I hope he gets to feeling better before the weekend is over. Big hugs to all of you! xo


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