Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Business

Today was an end to the nice holiday from the routine.  Both big girls went back to school today, and it was back to dance and skating too.  Tuesday's are my craziest day of the week and today was made even more chaotic by the fact that I didn't sleep even for a minute last night.  So as I am writing this, I have been up for approximately 37 hours.  Not a big deal for many people I am sure, but for someone who loves to sleep as much as I do ( I love it a lot!  So much so, that to my embarrassment, Laina regularly draws pictures of me flat out on my bed and even has been known to tell people that my two favorite things are Gymboree and my bed.... which is not strictly true... they are in my top five maybe... but my husband and my kids are definitely my two favorite things.  Wow, this has turned into quite the tangent.  I think I could probably dedicate a whole post to my favorite things!)

Anyways, the reason I didn't sleep was because my "Christmas Cold" turned ugly.  My ears got more and more sore as yesterday went on, until nighttime when I tried to go to sleep, the pressure was finally too much and my eardrum ruptured.  I've never had that happen before and it was extremely painful.  It bled from inside my ear for most of the night and I couldn't really lay down and hence did not sleep.  If you aren't squeamish, the last picture I post tonight will be a visual of what I looked like this morning before I cleaned myself up.  I did go to the doctor this morning for a prescription and he said my hearing should return in that ear within the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully!  Although I am not going to lie, I do somewhat enjoy hearing my children on a lower volume setting.

Needless to say, I really wasn't on top of my game today, and I didn't come up with great pictures.  But here they are anyways, it was Laina at skating lessons tonight.

I love this one because she is concentrating so hard on trying to do her jump that she has her tongue stuck out through her lips!

Another of the same.  The rink is a pretty grungy place, in fact it was pretty grungy even back when I used to figure skate there!

This one I get a kick out of because look at the girl behind Laina.  I caught her in mid air, lol!

And finally, if you don't want to see my gross ear, turn back now! 


  1. Yuck, that must have been so awful last night. I hope the ear drops will help. I haven't seen Laina skate for awhile, is she already doing jumps?

  2. Oh no, you poor thing! That ear looks... well, not very fun. I hope you are feeling okay today! And love the tongue pic of Laina, too cute! :)

  3. Poor Girl! That looks really painful! What a way to start a day :(


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