Thursday, January 27, 2011


Can you tell by my creative post title that I am not very motivated tonight? I found a Marian Keyes book that I haven't read yet at the used book store (The Other Side of the Story) and I am indulging in a "can't put it down" reading binge. I have loved reading from a very early age. I used to read so much and so constantly, that my mom swears I used to jump on the trampoline while reading as a kid! You just couldn't pry me away from my books.

I still adore reading but find I have much less time to do it these days. I can't pick up a book during the day because the kids will tear the house apart (and Evelyn would probably do something daring like climb up on the roof) if I don't give them my full attention. So reading gets relegated to the evening and has to share it time with photography, crafting, sewing, the internet and Adam. Oh, and TV. Can't forget TV. Which reminds me that I am missing Grey's Anatomy right now and that makes me even less motivated to finish this blog post! Maybe I should stop rambling and get down to the pictures.

Today was Mylie's monthly Party Day at preschool where they sing and dance and show us what they have learned this month. It was also a special one for her, since it was her birthday month. So everyone sang her Happy Birthday and she got to blow out a candle on a clay cupcake.

Here she is singing and blowing out her candle. The song is about bears hibernating, that is why she is pretending to sleep. She is always very enthusiastic with her actions.

By the way, she is wearing Gap Chelsea. One of my favorite lines, but then I always say that, don't I?

And other stuff.... I traded in my Rebel xTi camera for a Canon 60D was love at first click. Also, in a very very sad turn of events, Badger is back at the vet, and is very poorly. I was taking her there for a follow up today when it turned into an emergency situation. I can't even talk about it right now because I actually feel quite traumatized by it. I know she is just a cat, but I love her so much. And it sucks being the adult. Can I just say how much it sucks being the adult in this situation? I remember being a kid and my parents had to make decisions like these.... I want to go back to that. I don't want to make decisions about the life or death of an animal that the kids and I love so much. It breaks me heart. We will know more tomorrow after yet another round of tests. I feel like I am torturing her at this point. And I don't want to. Whew, that was probably why I didn't feel like writing this tonight! I should have known it was going to go down the tube fast! And on that cheerful note... until tomorrow!


  1. I love the pictures of Mylie. That raccoon shirt is so cute!

  2. Greys was a rerun, not to worry! I love reading as well, I have just discovered Barbara Delinsky and am loving her books right now. I'm glad you are loving the camera, we are still waiting because the one we want is still sold out everywhere. Hope your kitty gets better soon!


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