Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Trip to the US of A

You know what I love about living so close to the US border? The shopping. Oh and being close to my sister and her family who live in the US. But again, let me stress how much I LOVE the shopping! Especially Target. I ♥ Target. I could spend hours in there and not get bored. We just don't have stores like that in Canada!

So today, I needed to go down to my sister's to pick up some loot that I had shipped there. Don't worry... I haven't violated my shopping ban... yet. But the trip to my sister's brought ominous tidings of the ban's imminent demise in the form of two catalogues that were waiting for me. The Hanna Andersson spring catalogue and the Mini Boden. As Adam drove us back home, I flipped through the pages and wondered, how am I to resist such cuteness?

Part of the loot I picked up was a box full of gorgeous, soft, fluffy chiffon waiting to be sewn into pettiskirts.

Speaking of waiting to be sewn, Laina's Pink Panther costume is all cut out and ready for me to get started tonight. I really despise using traditional patterns now that I have experienced the wonders that are PDF patterns!

And I worked on my photography assignment again today, with my adorable neice as my subject this time, trying out the lighting in my sister's house. She was such a little sweetie about it and she smiled tons for me, but I am sad to say, most of the smiley pictures were underexposed, so these were the only salvagable ones.

I get a kick out of this one because it looks like a mugshot!



I tried again in the same situation as yesterday but shifting her position somewhat. The results were dismal.


That is a rather abrupt way to end a post... so, umm, that is it for now! Until tomorrow!


  1. Target's coming to Canada, I heard. I wonder if the prices and selection will be as good? That's too bad the smiling pictures of Jazzy didn't turn out.

  2. I'd cry if I didn't have a Target nearby. We're military so we move every few years and the first thing I check is if there is a Target in the area. We were in England for 3 years and I missed it so much. I was having Target withdrawals.


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