Saturday, January 29, 2011


Photos at Addy`s went well today! Yay! The kids cooperated! I didn`t take any of my own pictures of them in their outfits, but I will share the ones Addy took once she is done editing. Here is one of Laina in her headband that I made last night.

After that, we drove through McDonald`s and for some strange reason, I thought it would be a good idea to just hand Evelyn a cheeseburger. She loves cheeseburgers (actually anything meaty) but usually I just rip off small pieces and give them to her. This is what she did with it. (sorry, this post is going to have lots of pictures of Evelyn with gross, messy faces... faces that only a mother can find cute)

Then we came home and cleaned up a bit and I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate creamcheese icing... Adam took a picture of me making them I realized when I uploaded my photos! Here it is, notice my mixing bowl that matches my lovely countertops? Classy, hey?

The kids licking the beaters after making the icing (Mylie is in her jammies already... it was like 3 o'clock, haha)

And finally, the cupcakes.

Evelyn after eating the cupcakes...

Sorry, that was a pretty boring day, but I took lots of pictures!

Terra, if you read this, Adam wants to tell Dustin something about the camera, so call us! And I can't wait to see you guys!


  1. Love the pics! Love Laina's tank top. Love the cupcakes! They look so yummy and perfect! :)

  2. Just reading your blog now! Dustin already talked to Adam, we were not answering our cells in Kelowna because of the long distance charges, it's crazy expensive! Looking forward to seeing you guys too, Ben is looking forward to seeing his "vancouver friends" as he calls you guys!


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