Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More of the Same

I wish I had something interesting and different to say here today, but it has just been more of the same for us.  I was too sick to take care of my kids today so my mom came over to help out, and it became apparent over the course of the day that Mylie is sick again too.

Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better, healthier day!

Mylie got dressed up in ballet gear in a small burst of energy but then proceeded to sleep and lay around still dressed up.  She is missing her Jazz dance class today, but she did sit up for a few minutes and play Dora lego with Evelyn.


  1. Big hugs for you guys. I feel like crapola today and I even posted a blog about it. How boring we are, LMAO. Here's hoping for a healthier, happier, fun-filled tomorrow!


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