Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little dancer

I feel like I have been really boring lately, so I apologize! I haven't done any fun or cute projects or taken any good pictures in the last little while, I have just been too busy! I hate that. I like to stay busy, but I like it best when the reason I am busy is because I am doing things I love, instead of doing things that are just the daily grind! Hopefully as Adam recovers, I will get a bit more free time to do something interesting.

In the meantime, today was a day of dressup! We woke up to a ton of snow (for us), and my first little dressup involved suiting Laina up in her snow gear for school. Ugg, the whole process makes me tired just thinking about it! I don't know how the teachers manage when they have 20 kids to oversee getting into snow gear!

Here is Laina NOT in her snow gear... it warmed up in the afternoon quite considerably.

The second set of dressup was Evelyn donning a whole bunch of costume jewlery. She had so much fun putting all of this on, then suddenly she wanted it all off. Right now! She started pulling on it and screaming and I had to quickly rescue her before she choked herself.

And finally, my little dancer. Mylie got her costume today for her jazz dance routine, and it is stinkin' adorable! Maybe the cutest costume one of my kids has had for dance yet. Their song has a Brazilian beat to it, and here is my little Samba queen.

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  1. I am always glad we don't get snow very often because its just so much effort getting bundled up every time you leave the house. I love Laina's toothless smile. All those necklaces must have gotten heavy on Evy. She's so cute! Mylie looks adorable in her costume. I really hope I can come see their dance recital this year.


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