Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The adventures of DaredEvelyn

This post was going to be about how I had a sad day, and spent a great deal of it crying. But now I won't bore you with that story, since Adam is a sweetie and I am a total cliche.

He bought me a new handbag! It is pink, and not at all shiny like it is in the picture. And purses make me happy :)

And this lovely pile:

is what I dumped out of my old purse. Three times recently, I have had different people (2 seperate doctors and an esthetician) say, "Whoa, what have you got in there??" when they tried to move my purse. Well the answer to that is above. What didn't I have in my purse??? Order, that is what!

So now I have a clean, tidy and orderly new pink purse. And that makes me happy.

Tonight, Adam took the big girls to their skating lessons, and Evelyn and I stayed home. She wanted to get into her jammies (she doesn't talk, so she showed me this by leading me into her room and sitting on the changing pad and pointing to her bed.) It was too early for her to go to sleep, so I got her in her jammies and decided she looked so cute that I would take some pictures of her. I tried to get her to sit on her little rocking chair and look at a book and here is where it went from there. (Just an fyi, she was never in any danger, I was within a few steps and was keeping both my eyes and her camera on her... ready to lunge if necessary)

DaredEvelyn... the story of a little stinker

She pushed the chair over to the dresser at this point.

I decided that enough was enough, and I hauled her out of her room and closed the door. I came out to the dining room/ kitchen area and watched as she pulled one of the kid's table chairs into the kitchen. Here we go again!

And then I had to fish her out of the sink and change her jammies. Because she figured out how to turn the tap on, full blast.


  1. Nice purse! My purse is so heavy all the time, too. Evelyn is quite the little climber. That's funny about her turning on the kitchen tap. We had a similar incident tonight where Jasmine got a hold of my water bottle soaked herself and required her pj's to be changed.

  2. I am laughing! I LOVE (LOVE!) the picture of her looking at you in the mirror - so sly, that one. She is so cute and funny. She gets an idea in her head and she just goes with it! :)

    Love the new purse. I need a new one SO badly. I'm sorry, though, that you had a sad day. :( I hope today is better for you. I am feeling rather gloomy myself, today, and I'm not entirely sure why. ((hugs))

  3. I love your purse. Really cute!

    My daughter was forever climbing on things too. She still does it now and she's 3.


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