Friday, January 7, 2011


I am sitting here just waiting.... waiting and trying not to freak out.  So to take my mind off of it, I will do my daily post.  My husband Adam was undergoing hernia surgery today and it has been over three hours since his surgery started and I haven't heard anything.  I am sure he is fine, it is such a common and routine surgery and he is young and healthy, but I can't help worrying.  I am a born worrier!

Adam and I met in January of 2001, actually as of yesterday, we met exactly 10 years ago.  Right from the start, he has been my best friend and constant companion.  I know lots of people who enjoy having time apart from their spouses, but not me.  I would be perfectly happy to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with mine.  He is just so easy-going and kind, and he makes me laugh; we have the same bizarre sense of humor.  We aren't mushy or sentimental people so for me to even talk this kindly of him is unusual.  You would just have to hear the story of how we became engaged to fully realize how un-romantic we are (remind me to tell that sometime... it is a funny story!)  But it doesn't change the fact that I love him very much and it hurts me to know he is going through pain right now.

Evie and Mylie and I took a little walk earlier to try and make time pass quicker, and that is where my pictures are from today.  The sun was shining a bit, but the ground was still wet from an earlier rainfall.  I have my "mommy googles" (I just heard that phrase today and I think it is great! So true that we look at our children with our mommy googles on and see them as perfect) on and it was difficult to pick which pictures I liked best so there are quite a few.  Sorry about that!

Send lots of healing vibes Adam's way please!


  1. Big hugs for your sweetie... I want to hear the engagement story sometime. :) Update on Adam ASAP, please! Love the pics of the girlies - they're beautiful as always. ♥♥

  2. great pics of the girls. i love the shadow one! what a neat idea!!


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