Friday, January 21, 2011

A Hodge Podge

There will be virtually no coherence to the post tonight, I have the attention span of a hummingbird right now (or something really tiny and fast, you get the picture).

First off, things you should not do:

*leave a marshmallow candy heart unattended in my house, especially with Destructo-baby on the loose:

*absentmindedly agree to whatever your children suggest while you are cutting out fabric (because they might ask if they can use the dance makeup)

*allow your husband to "help out" with the laundry, which COULD turn out to mean that he used the dryer on 1) Matilda Jane clothing 2) Loves Me Not clothing 3) Janie and Jack wool skirt
not to mention countless other Gymboree and Gap pieces in that load. I KNOW he meant well, but he is the one who installed the retractable clothesline in the laundry room for me to hang them all on!!! He knows the drill!

And for the next bit of hodge podge, we had some sad/ scary news for our family today. Our cat Badger has been peeing all over the house for a couple of months now even though she has a litter box and outside to use if she so desires. This has caused some embarrassing situations, namely the time Laina's teacher called me aside after school to let me know that Laina had come to school with her backpack that the cat had obviously peed all over and all of the books inside and her lunchbag had been ruined. How the heck did I not notice when we were leaving for school? I don't know.

Anyways, I had been thinking for awhile that I need to take Badger to the vet and see if maybe she had a bladder infection or if there was something we could do about the peeing everywhere. Then yesterday, I mentioned to my husband that I thought Badgie was looking skinnier lately, like her fur was hanging loose. Adam disagreed, so we weighed her and she had lost HALF of her body weight. The thing is, she was really fat before, and her size hadn't really changed, but her fur was just looser. I feel terrible for not noticing it sooner.

So we took her to the vet for tests last night, and today got the results. Which were not good. We are taking her for a round of antibiotics and potassium tomorrow, and then on Monday, she goes for an abdominal ultrasound. But from the sounds of it, we may have to make a tough decision to have her put down if what the vet thinks is wrong is confirmed by the ultrasound. She is a very sick little kitty who is very much loved by my girls. She is extremely gentle, and will allow even Evelyn to do whatever she want to her without ever scratching or biting. She sleeps on Laina's bed every night, and has done so ever since the first night we got her 4 years ago, just before Mylie's birth.

Badger seemed kind of traumatized by the vet visit and hung out in the towel cupboard all day, nestled up against the bath toys.


I hope we don't have to say goodbye to sweet Badger.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Badger. :( It's very unusual for female cats to be peeing around the house unless something is wrong. It's usually the males that spray. I hope all is well with her. I will say little kitty prayers for her tonight. I do have to say, O.M.G. about the laundry. I think I would have died. Just absolutely DIED. Big hugs to you. Get some rest tonight. xo

  2. Poor Badger:( I really hope things aren't as bad as the vet thinks. The laundry thing sounds pretty typical around here. I honestly don't think men have the ability to pay attention to details such as which clothes need to stay out of the dryer or where things go in the kitchen. I love the lipstick on the girls, especially Mylie's, that must have been fun to clean off!


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