Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I officially sound like my mother

After another extremely busy day of ferrying kids around to schools and activites, I finally lost it and yelled at my kids and waved my arms around and just generally acted like a madwoman. Actually, I acted and sounded just like my mother.

My boiling point was reached after spending all day catering to the needs of my children, sitting down only long enough to feed myself a couple of times, and then them having the nerve to give me attitude and fight with each other. (That was a run-on sentence if I ever wrote one, but I am too exhausted to try and fix it. So imagine there is at least one more period in there. And make it flow better while you are at it!)

So after much rudeness on Laina's part, and more bickering (and some hitting) than you can imagine coming from two sweet looking little girls, I snapped. I spouted off all kinds of those phrases that mothers say when they are feeling sorry for themselves. You know, like "Is this behavior the thanks I get for (insert whatever here... "giving birth to you" is a good one). Or "Where did I go wrong that would make you disrespect me like this?" Those kind of things. Basically, I threw a mommy tantrum. And I am not proud of it. And I have learned from personal experience, that asking questions like that really has no effect on children because they REALLY can't understand all of the sacrifices that you may have made for them until they have kids of their own. My mom used to always cry to my sister and I that we never appreciated anything she did for us. And we would roll our eyes at each other because we really thought that saying thank you was enough. But now that I have kids of my own, I understand completely what she was talking about. It was our actions that spoke louder than our words. I need to learn how to teach my kids to make their actions thankful and compassionate if I expect to feel any less frustration at the way that my children treat me than my mother felt at the way we treated her.

I will leave you with my photos of the day. This 365 day thing is HARD! And the pictures are gross. Sorry about that! Evelyn had bow-tie pasta with meat sauce for dinner. She liked it, can you tell?


  1. I am cracking UP at your "mommy tantrum." We've all done it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is LYYYYING to you. I haven't had an episode like that in awhile, fortunately, but I've had quite a few. :) (Sounds like they're rare for you too - definitely a good thing.)

    Bow tie pasta is my absolute FAVORITE... I absolutely love it, and I'd eat it in every pasta dish if I could. Danny says it's hard to eat, lol. Glad Evelyn enjoyed. I don't blame her!

    Hugs! Hope you don't have any more issues with the girlies for awhile. ♥♥

  2. I'm sure I'll throw my share of mommy tantrums in the future with Jasmine!

  3. I'm glad to hear other moms have mommy tantrums too!
    I'm really enjoying your blog by the way :)

  4. that Evie! she's so cute! and i'm glad i'm not the only one throwing mommy tantrums.


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