Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

I spent the day sleepy and fairly unmotivated. Evelyn was croupy in the night and so she spent most of the night awake and complaining to us. She also decided to shout "Cupcake" repeatedly for no apparent reason at about 1am. I guess she was inspired by the chocolate yumminess we had for desert yesterday!

I was proud of myself today! I managed to talk myself out of ordering one of each of the "Confections" dresses from Loves Me Not that went live on the site today. Now, if only I can make it through the release of "House of Clouds" from Matilda Jane on Feb. 1rst, then I am sure I will be good to make it to my goal of not shopping for kids clothes until March 1rst!

No real update on Badger today, we visited her and she was a bit perkier but she is still on IV, and still no diagnosis has been made. The X-rays of her chest didn't show anything abnormal, so they are pretty sure it is something in her blood... for some reason her body is attacking her red blood cells. We are hoping another round of test results that are due in tomorrow will tell us something about our dear little kitty.

Pictures for the day! It was sunny but cold here today, and I was working on my assignment for my photography course. Just a couple to share...




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